What Investors Can Expect When Investing
with Astre Capital

What Investors Can Expect When Investing with Astre Capital

How We Achieve Above Market Returns for Cash Flow and Capital Appreciation

Astre Capital brings multi-family real estate investment opportunities to qualified investors seeking positive cash flow and capital appreciation.
We understand the trust involved in large real estate projects. There are many moving parts which can impact the rate of return investors receive. To mitigate the inherent risks and increase realized gains, we implement an efficient process, which properly vets potential properties, streamlines renovation and management, and provides a clear exit strategy.

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We believe in transparency partnered with frequent communications. All investors receive a monthly update on the property, which includes renovation status, occupancy rates, and other important information, along with a quarterly financial report detailing the property income and expenses. Investors also have a direct line to our experts to address any specific project questions or concerns.

Astre Capital’s Responsibilities:

What Investors Receive

Astre Capital Real Estate Investors Make Money in Two Ways

You receive monthly cash payments based on the net operating income of the property. Net income is derived from collected rents minus expenses.

Capital gains from property appreciation, amortization and loan payoff, at the time of the sale.

Syndicated real estate investments are good for investors who seek a monthly payout for personal cashflowneeds,while preserving the initial capital investment.

During Investment Phase

After Closing and Throughout Property Ownership

At the Conclusion of the Project

Receive net proceeds from the sale or refinance, based on your equity percentage in the project and the sale price of the property. Our business plan is to increase the NOI of the property and sell the property at a higher price than acquisition resulting in potential profit.